Power Units for Hold Open Electro-Magnets

Boxed Transformer Rectifier units from Securefast are suitable for powering door hold-open magnets and some hold-open door closers working to a maximum operating voltage of 27V DC and are available with a 1-, 2- or 4-amp rating with a selectable NO / NC SW input for connection to a fire alarm relay output.

The Securefast ADP324-FR power supply unit is a 24V DC switched-mode 1A power supply specially designed to power magnetic fire alarm door retainers and general 24 Volt DC applications. Supplied in a very compact, attractive, but tough, steel housing with an externally visible status LED. The 24V DC output is designed for the highly inductive loads that magnetic door retainers present, eliminating the need for additional control relays and reducing the chance of an ‘electrical spike’ causing problems, which is a frequent cause of personnel delays and expensive engineer call outs.

The ADP324-FR can handle up to 8 double doors with 16 magnetic door retainers, based on 50 mA each.

For Specifications & Downloads please select the individual items below

Code Image Description Voltage Ampere Dimensions Finish
ADP324-FR Securefast 24V DC 500mA Switch Mode Power Supply Unit 24V DC 1A H110 x W178 x D68mm White
ADP241-TR 24V, 1 AMP, Boxed Transformer Rectifier Unit 24V DC 1A H240 x W200 x D75mm White
ADP242-TR 24V, 2 AMP, Boxed Transformer Rectifier Unit 24V DC 2A H240 x W200 x D75mm White
ADP244-TR 24V, 4 AMP, Boxed Transformer Rectifier Unit 24V 4A H240 x W200 x D75mm White