Useful videos


Deedlock Acoustic Hold Open Magnet
Re-handing of Panic & Emergency Bolt SED992 & SED994
Re-handing of Panic & Emergency Latch SED991 & SED993
Re-handing of Outside Access Device with Knob SED990
Re-handing of Outside Access Device with Lever SED900
Re-handing of 3 Point Panic Bolt SED912
Securefast Acoustic Digital Door Closer


Doorson Sliding Door Range
Fire Resistant Automatic Sliding Doors - Doorson
PINGuard Weather Shield SPG-365
Securefast Iris Recognition
Securefast Electric Escape Lock Range
Securefast PINGuard – Keypads & Terminals
Securefast PINGuard – Alarm Panels & Keypads
The ADA66 – Electronic Side Load Lock