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BS3621-8621-10621 Thief Resistant Lock Assemblies and Dual Mode Lock Assemblies
EN 1303 Cylinders
EN 1906 Lever Handle & Knobs
EN 12209 Mechanically Operated Locks
EN 12320 Padlocks
EN 14846 Electromechanically Operated Locks
EN1125 - 179 Panic and Emergency Exit Devices
EN1154 Controlled Door Closing Devices
EN1155 Electronically Powered Hold-open Devices
EN1158 Door Co-ordinator Devices
EN1527 Hardware for Sliding Doors & Folding Doors
EN1935 Single Axil Hinges for Windows and Doors
EN12051 Door and Window Bolts
EN13637 Electrically Controlled Exit Systems
TS010 Electromagnetic Locking Devices