ZETA Fire Alarm Systems

The Infinity 8 control panel is housed in the most attractive, modern designed, flame retardant ABS enclosure, utilising a switch mode power supply. It has a fully removable front cover which improves ease of access for cable installations.

When the Panel is in its Normal state, the indicator lights on the front of the enclosure give a comprehensive overview of the System’s current status. Any Fire and Fault conditions are clearly displayed, and any disablements highlighted.

The Zeta Fyreye MKII optical smoke detectors use a pulsing IR LED & photodiode to detect IR scatter caused by smoke entering the chamber.

The detector is particularly suitable for detecting optically dense smoke, involving materials such as soft furnishings, PVC, plastic, foam and all similar materials which produce small visible particles (0.5 to 10μm).

The Fyreye Rate of Rise heat detectors (MKII-HR) use thermistor arrangement to sense a quick rise in temperature and also a final threshold temperature of 57°C. The Fyreye fixed heat detector (MKII-HF) has a single thermistor arrangement that gives an alarm at a temperature of 57°C.

ZETA Fire Alarm Systems