Securefast Video Doorbells

Securefast offer video doorbells which come complete with a plugable chime. The intelligent Wi-Fi configuration allows long distance signal transmission, meaning that the video footage can be viewed anywhere in the world, from any handheld device such as a phone or tablet.

Visitors calls can be recorded on the mobile phone or a micro-SD card when installed into the door bell. Wi-Fi connection to the video doorbell enables it to connect multiple users and allow live viewing on your moble phone at the same time.

For Specifications & Downloads please select the individual items below

Code Image Description Application Resolution Dimensions Finish Price
AML2C Video Door Bell with Indoor Chime ICsee 1280*720 H144 x W75 x D32mm Black Plastic
AML5C Video Door Bell with Indoor Chime (IP53) XSHcam 1280*720 H135 x W70 x D30mm Silver Plastic
AMLC1 Additional Plug in Chime White Plastic
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