Cidron QR Code Reader

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Cidron Slimline readers are versatile and can easily be configured to read up to two different card data objects and handles both 7-byte and 4-byte MIFARE UID's at the same time as well as MIFARE Random UID and 8 byte iCLASS UID. This means that you can read credentials from different populations and it also gives the possibility of, in a controlled manner, upgrading from less secure technologies to more secure applications like MIFARE DESFire.

The AEN9292-SQ QR and barcode reader module is an add-on in a black 33-degree frame, where the QR code reader is pointing downwards to simplify a smooth reading of the QR code. This together with a Cidron reader module makes this QR code reader one of the most powerful and flexible QR code reader on the market. The combination of RFID, NFC and BLE together with or without a keypad gives any access control solution a powerful, flexible, and futureproof access control reader. The QR code together with RFID can also easily fit a visitor or a booking management solution, to easily add QR code functionality to a visitor for example.

Standardized communication, such as Wiegand and OSDP, are used between the reader and the access control, visitor or booking management application and can also be encrypted with the OSDP Secured channel function. The QR module is internally connected to the reader module, both for power supply and communication.

Cidron QR code module is available together with Cidron AEN1070 and AEN1080 Slimline readers both with or without keypad. The readers with the keypad have backlit keys which are configurable. The substantial LED frame provide visual indicators for the user, while the buzzer provides audible indicators, both of which are also configurable.

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