Downloadable PDF Data Sheets

Electric Locking

Securefast Electric Lock Range
Deedlock Shear Magnet - AEMSF300
AEMBR185 Armature plate for Glass Doors
Transom Housing with Standard Magnet
Deedlock Slimline Electro Magnetic Locks with Door Status Monitoring
Deedlock Standard Electro Magnetic Locks with Door Status Monitoring
Adjustable Bracket for Standard/Slimline Magnets
Electronic Side Load Lock
Slimline Magnet in Transom Housing

Electric Releases

Deedlock ANSI Electric Releases
Dorcas Electric Releases

Access Control Kits & PSU's

Access Control Kits
Deedlock 12v PSU
Deedlock 24v PSU

Access Control

Smartlock ASL900 Range
Entra Leaf Locker Lock
MIFARE Internal Proximity & Keypad Reader
MIFARE Internal Proximity Touch & Keypad Reader
Entra+ Controllers
RFID Long Range Car Park Reader
SCLAK - Bluetooth Access Control
ATMR-3 Magnetic Strip Reader
AEN1060P Innoprox Pattress Proximity Card Reader
ASL951B Be-Tech Range
ASL951BW SmartLock Range
ASL1800 Cyber Digital Locker Lock
SSL961 Hotel Energy Saving Switch
ASL95BASEW SmartLock Wireless Hub
ASL951BI SmartLock MIFARE™ Indoor Wireless Hotel System
ASL950MW SmartLock MIFARE™ External Wireless Door Control Unit
EasyAccess – 2 Door Card Reading Access Control System
EasyCode Keypad
Easyweig Keypad
Panel Mount Reader


APX16 - Keypad
APX15 Keypad
ACT 5e Standalone Keypad
ABW-42 Keypad

Electric Ancillary

ALP135 Door Loop
Iris Recognition
Stainless Steel Exit Button & Key Switch Range
IP Rated Exit Buttons
Combined Exit Button and Emergency Release Range
ALP101 Concealed Door Loop

Door Entry

ASV711 Genway Door Entry Kit
ASH24 Genway Door Entry Kit
AWL63 Genway Door Entry Kit
ASV51 Genway Door Entry Kit
ASV73 Genway Door Entry Kit
ADV52 Genway Door Entry Kit
Pulsar Audio Door Entry Kits
Quadra 2-wire Video Door Entry Kit
Optimus Door Entry


Acoustic Door Closer - AEM0070
Acoustic Hold Open Magnet - AEM0371
Deedlock Hold Open Magnets
F400-210R Fire Switch
KILSEN Conventional 2 & 4 Zone Fire Control Panels
FE630-3 KILSEN - Optical Smoke Detector
FE620-581-3 KILSEN Fixed Heat Temperature Detector
FE620-582-3 KILSEN - Conventional rate of rise heat detector
FE620-771-3 KILSEN Fixed High Temperature Heat Detector
Electrical Suppression Unit
Fire Rated Door Hold Open Magnets
F400-220RB Fire Alarm Isolator Switch

Secondary Security

Sliplock - Window Restrictor - SBC400
Security Door Chain with External Release - SBC223
Window Restraint -SBC370

Digital Locks

SBL700.S Digital Lock
Digital Lock Easy Code plus SBL330S & SBL330SL
Easy Code Mechanical Digital Locks for Trad Panic
Easy Code Mechanical Digital Locks for Touch Bar
Fire Rated Digital Locks with Tublar Latch
Fire Rated Digital Locks with Mortice Lock Case


1090 Series Commercial Mortice Lock Range
GU Multi-point Locking
Rim Night Latches
SBS3621 range
Euro Profile Security Cylinder & Escutcheon


Electrical Latch Retraction Touch Bar - 400 Series
3-Point Panic Bolt - SED912
400 Series Touch Bar
316 Stainless Steel Touch Bar & Push Bar Panic Exit Hardware


Intumescent for Commercial Lock Range
Intumescent for Mechanical Digital Locks
PINGuard Weather Shield
Securefast Spring Hinges
Securefast Pinson Padlocks
Securefast Pinson Shutterlocks
Stainless Steel Safety Levers


Key Cabinets - Budget
Premier Key Cabinets
Combination - Key Security Cabinet
Key Security Cabinets
Security Cabinet for Keys & Padlocks
Push Button Keysafe

Tate Solutions

Swing Door Safety Sensor
Finger Guard
Motion Sensor TRMS-D
Auto Door Operator
Wireless Switch Range
Dura Glid Slim Line Header
Low Energy Auto Door Operators
Flatscan SW
Radar Motion Sensor For Automatic Doors