Tewkesbury Primary Care Centre - Product: SBL365.SL/91 Mechanical Digital Lock with Sash Lock. Tewkesbury's new £7.5 million super-surgery occupying 2,200 square metres over three storey’s has been built on the old hospital site in Barton Road. Seddon Construction started on site in October 2015 with £5.2 million being funded by the NHS and the remainder of the cost being made up of other things such as the purchase of the land by New Docs Limited (a company formed by the GP’s to provide the extra space and modern home for their surgeries). They will now have twice the space to house meeting rooms, a staff room, medical records, additional parking facilities and engineering plant, creating a one-stop primary care facility for the people of Tewksbury and the surrounding area, with sufficient space for a minor operation suite and pharmacy. The new centre will be called The Devereux Centre after the late Tewkesbury doctor Dr William Charles Devereux and will cater for up to 30,000 patients which are 5,000 more than the current two practices together. The SBL365.SL/91 Mechanical Digital Lock with Sash Lock was chosen throughout the building, so that rooms can be entered with a code without having to carry fobs, cards or keys, with the facility that a key holder could lock the door by key if they wish to close off that particular room. The Securefast Mechanical Digital Lock has been tested to 200,000 cycles and fire rated making the product ideal for a cost effective access control system without the heavy investment in wiring and electronics.

Entra+ Installed at Bay Gate Office Complex - In partnership with Huz Electronics, a Securefast installation Partner in Dubai, the Entra+ access control system has been installed onto fourteen Personnel barriers at the new offices for ADCB Bank at the Bay Gate Office Complex, Business Bay in Downtown Dubai. The Entra+ system offers anti-passback for effective personnel control in addition to flexible access and user permissions giving access to fifteen lifts covering the fifty-three floors. With the possibility of 25,000 users the system is ideal for large office complexes with the ability to link the carpark with long range readers and up to 63 time zones. The Entra+ Terminus software offers a range of options to create a system to suit your application from a basic access control system through to a truly advanced system with site plans, lift control, building energy management and car park control. For further details contact our sales office on +44 (0) 1704 502801.

Tate delivers on security to the Astrum Education Group - Tate Solutions has built up an enviable reputation for providing comprehensive and purposely designed security access control systems to a wide range of public sector buildings, schools, colleges, care homes and a wide range of residential facilities. Leading educational organisation the Astrum Education Group currently operates three major sixth form colleges in the central London area, Duff Miller, Kensington, Lansdowne College, Bayswater and Chelsea Independent College. The group have ambitious plans to expand their range of facilities with the recent acquisition of a new state of the art four story accommodation in Fulham Broadway as part of the Chelsea Collage together with boarding facilities at Fulham Place and Princes Beatrice House near Earls Court. Nationwide Security and Access Control experts Tate Solutions have worked closely with Astrum for the past two years, delivering highly effective, yet flexible and fully integrated range of access control systems that enables the facilities team to manage every aspect of access control, from a single low-rise office with just a few doors through to the busy student accommodation blocks with numerous doors, gates and barriers. The highly experienced Tate Solutions team has successfully delivered the highest levels of security without compromising the college’s convenience and ease of access for system users. The installations comply with all IT environments, and also serve as a security management station that integrates access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance into a single system. In addition to installing one hour certified fire doors Tate Solutions have also installed new Fire Alarms Systems, both conventional and wireless, into Duff Miller and Lansdowne Colleges. Tate was also commissioned to install the latest CCTV system at Chelsea Independent College and upgraded the CCTV equipment at Lansdowne, whilst at the same time carrying out a complete refreshment of the colleges IT provision complete with upgrades for both software and hardware. Commenting on the installations at Astrum Tate Director Keith Clare-Brown said “Our team have built up a good working relationship with Astrum. As a specialist security and access control company we pride ourselves on fully interpreting and understanding the individual client’s specification and we have the experience to provide both equipment recommendations through to complete installation and commissioning”.

Tate Solutions, in the first division for Swing Door Units - Major retail outlets place huge expectations on a buildings main entrance; these include, ensuring that door designs allow for maximum opening, inevitable high footfall expectations, ease of access for all customers, together with full conformance to all building and fire safety regulations. In addition to these prerequisites it is also imperative that the store frontage still needs to display an attractive and welcoming entrance. Working alongside leading architects, contractors and developers, leading Automatic door and Security System specialists, Tate Solutions Ltd, provides a comprehensive range of bespoke access solutions, with each installation being individually designed and commissioned to address the client’s specific requirements. A recent refurbishment at Aston Villa Football Club’s flagship merchandising store specified an automatic solution to ensure easy access for all. The Tate 127 swing door units were chosen to provide the maximum amount of clear opening space to meet the high footfall, especially on match days. Once installed the highly efficient Tate 127 swing door units have been purposely designed to effortlessly operate the stores main entrance doors with ease and with virtually no noise. For further information on this automatic door and security solutions please contact the Tate Solutions team on 01543 501605.

Tate Solutions ensures School Security is top of the Class - Heath Park School, a mixed secondary school and sixth form has put security top of the class with the installation of a new wireless electronic access control solution from Tate Solutions Ltd, the specialist access controls and security division of the Securefast Group plc. The school has recently relocated to a brand new campus located in the Heath Town area of Wolverhampton, catering for 1,300 pupils and 140 teaching and support staff. This is an exciting new three-story development complete with the sports hall and outdoor sports facilities, all ready for the new school term in September and beyond. Keith Clare-Brown, director of Tate Solutions commented “School security is probably one of the most sensitive issues facing today’s head teachers and trustees. Problems can happen very quickly due to a wide range of incidents including strangers coming into the school, violent actions by children, parents or staff, burglary, theft and arson to name but a few”. “With this in mind pupils need to know they have a safe place in which to be educated and that staff are in a safe place in which to work. Delivering on that is a given but it is not always easy to achieve”. Keith added “Further problems arise from the fact that while everyone wants their school to be safe, no-one wants it to end up looking look like a prison with high walls and fences. While all of this may make a building secure, it is not user friendly. Our aim was to achieve a sensible balance, implementing sufficient levels of security to cope with perceived threats while providing a pleasant environment in which to learn and work”. To complement their newly constructed school, Heath Park called on Tate Solutions to provide the very latest security system that ensured strictly controlled access into the building, whilst allowing free movement within the facility. The system selected to deliver these objectives was SALTO’s high specification XS4 proximity wireless based solution, which incorporates the very latest technology that provides a safe, secure and almost totally keyless environment for the benefit of both staff and pupils. The XS4 solution is a state-of-the-art electronic lock system that programmes contactless smartcards to allow access to specific class rooms or other areas for selected time periods only, with the doors auto locking at pre-specified times. If security is breached due to the loss or theft of a card, it can be instantly deleted from the system without the need or cost of changing any locks – saving the school time and money. For further information on SALTO XS4 and other access control and security solutions please contact the Tate Solutions team at Securefast plc on 01543 501605 or visit the web site www.securefast.co.uk for a comprehensive insight to our complete range of products.

Energy efficient automatic sliding doors from Tate Solutions Ltd - The Honda Formula One team has built a new Research and Development facility at Winterhill in Milton Keynes. Honda currently supply engines for the McLaren Formula One team and have ambitions to supply multiple Formula One teams in the future. Their intention is to develop a facility at Winterhill adjacent to their existing Mugen Honda unit that will house the main R&D function for their push into F1 engine technology advancement. During the design phase of the build, the client indicated that they required the latest technology advanced equipment to be used throughout the construction of this facility. As a result, energy efficient sliding door units from Tate Solutions were chosen by Leaf Architecture & Design Ltd for this new R&D facility. This aesthetically pleasing low profile unit, consumes only 0,05W in the operating mode ‘’CLOSE’’ or ‘’OPEN’’ where as classic automatic sliders consume more than 20W. Calculations show 70% less energy consumption.

Tate Solutions Opening Doors At John Lewis - Shoppers enjoying a visit to the new John Lewis store at Birmingham New Street Station are benefiting from trouble-free access and egress, thanks to the installation of a highly efficient and reliable automatic swing door systems installed by Tate Solutions. The 250,000 square foot flagship store is the largest John Lewis retail shop outside London. Huge demands are placed on doors in retail buildings; in particular the main entrance opening, back of house storerooms and restaurant areas were the footfall is high. Tate Solutions were tasked to provide accessibility and conformance to building and fire regulations. The type and style of automatic door operators was therefore crucial both to accommodate the high volume of traffic, trolleys and pushchairs. Designed both for performance and for its aesthetic appeal, the Tate EMD-F was chosen to maximise that all-important entrance facility. The Tate Solutions EMD-F is an electro-mechanical drive system for hinged doors which – like all products in the Tate Solutions range – manages to do its job with a construction height of just 7 cm. This makes the Tate Solutions EMD-F particularly suitable for installation on narrow profiles and in situations where space is at a premium. Tate Solutions EMD-F is a strong piece of highly compact technology: it will move even large and heavy internal and external doors, effortlessly and with virtually no noise. The quiet operation is achieved by using a low-noise direct current motor and gears with direct power transmission to the door leaf with the help of the rod assembly/guide rail. The reliable operation of the drive is achieved with high performance motor with low wear characteristics and state-of-the-art control technology.

Guernsey Airport UK - Securefast Entra+ was chosen by the Airport as we were able to supply the access control system for airside safety and security throughout the airport. In addition to the security requirements the Terminus software was also used to control the electrical systems linked to the airplane. When the plane arrives the ground staff link the electricity to the plane via a control centre at the gate, Once the card which authorises the power is used the Terminus software reports back using the building management system to the centre system where the amount of electricity used is charged to the airline. Unlike other access control systems Securefast IET Entra+ Access control system and building management can be configured to do many other things such as controlling lights, air conditioning and even car park space allocation.

Securefast IET secure Channel Tunnel Build - With the importance of knowing who is on site at all times and the protection from terrorism, the only choice for the builders of the Channel Tunnel was the Securefast IET access control System. The Entra+ range, designed and manufactured in the UK by Securefast IET offers a highly versatile solution for the management of all aspects of access control and security. The system provides cost effective access control packages with fully integrated security systems linked to its own building management software. The Securefast IET Terminus access control software offers real time management of all personnel on site with immediate roll call report upon any incident. The system allows the installer to connect their own reader choice from a range including Mifare and RF proximity to biometrics.

Derriford Hospital Plymouth UK - Derriford is a large NHS hospital complex in Plymouth which is secured by more that 500 Securefast IET door readers and locking products. The system is managed with Terminus, the IET fully integrated software, which allows for over 25,000 users with no limitation on the number of readers. As with many of our hospital customers the ease of flow linked to good security makes Entra+ the ideal choice. The Entra+ range, designed and manufactured in the UK by Securefast IET offers a highly versatile solution for the management of all aspects of access control and security. The system provides cost effective access control packages with fully integrated security systems linked to its own building management software.

Securefast IET secure London Olympics Games Build UK - The Securefast IET Terminus software was the only system the design team were confident would control the four main access points to the site which each had eight turnstiles with HID Smart ID Desfire readers. Construction for the Games involved considerable redevelopment, with an emphasis on sustainability. The main focus was a new 200-hectare (490-acre) Olympic Park, constructed on a former industrial site at Stratford, East London. Securefast IET specialise in providing answers to the most difficult security requirements such as the Olympic games build where over 20,000 user cards were issued during the period of construction.

Problem solved at Richmond School and Sixth Form College - During the renovation of the Sixth Form building at Richmond School, Darlington, the Maintenance Department contacted Tate Solutions to solve an ongoing issue with the main entrance and inner lobby automatic doors of the building. It was important to supply an automatic door operating solution were the arms of the automatic operator were not exposed and was sympathetic to the existing fabric of the building and more importantly comply with BSEN16005 (2013) for pedestrian doors. Tate Solutions, working closely with the client and his team, were able to select an appropriate product from our automatic door portfolio. The product select was our Tate in head unit on the inner lobby doors and our Tate push operator on the main entrance doors incorporating our locking system which we integrated in to the clients existing access control. As a result, of Tate Solutions level of support, service and quality of products offered for this project, we were able to solve the client’s technical requirements. We continue to work with Richmond School and Six Form Collage on other projects.

Tate provides new opening for Merlin Cycles - Merlin Cycles are one of the UK’s largest online bicycle distributors in the UK. Established by John Moss in 1993, the company operates from a number of large distribution warehouses in the North West. As part of Merlin’s planned growth into the retail sector, the company decided to open two of its key warehouses to the general public, enabling both new and established clients to browse the company’s wide range of cycles, accessories and clothing. To prepare the entrances points of the stores for easy public access the existing manual swing doors needed to be replaced with modern and efficient sliding door units built into the existing structural openings in order to provide easy and convenient access for visitors. Tate Solutions where called in to supply an automatic door solution that complied with BSEN16005, but more importantly to commission a system that delivered the clients remit of a sliding door unit that was both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, whilst providing an easy to control and welcoming visitor entrance to complement the new showrooms. Based on Merlin’s detailed access requirements Tate Solutions supplied new high quality sliding door units from Doorson, which not only complied with the precise performance specifications called for by the clients, but in the client’s own words “more than exceeded our expectations”. For more information on how Tate Solutions Ltd can solve your technical challenges for automatic door operators please call 01543 501605 or email sales@tatesolutions.co.uk now.

Tate Solutions help out at Retirement Home - Beech Court Retirement homes in Solihull were built in 1989 with 32 flats, several bungalows and cottages within the grounds Tate Solutions were asked to automate the original main entrance doors, therefore a detailed risk and hazard assessment was conducted on the doors before any work could be carried out. Examination revealed that the overhead door closers were not functioning correctly, due to excessive wear and the doors would have to be removed and repaired. After a number of meetings with the Facilities Team and the residents committee, it was agreed that we would supply and install an automatic door solution to comply with BS7036 and BSEN16005. The doors were automated using Tate EMD operators, because of their ability to be programmed for any situation, their durability and longevity. Activation was via motion radars fitted with external weather shrouds. Both doors were fitted with on-door safety devices to stop the doors closing and opening on users who may be in the way of the opening/closing cycle of the doors. As the doors were centre hung and the gap between the frame and doors was approximately 50mm, which would cause a problem with finger/hand entrapment. Safety and injury prevention is paramount, therefore in order to assist with compliance to BS7036 and BSEN16005 a pivot safe anti-finger trap system was used, which ensures continual safe and virtually maintenance-free operation. A key switch at a safe working high of 1500mm was fitted to enable the Facilities Team to turn the units on/off or put the automatic units into the hold open position, thus allowing the residents to move large bulky equipment or furniture through the doors safely. The whole installation, including the removal of the doors, commissioning and training the staff was completed in one day causing a minimum amount of disturbance to staff and residence. Residences are now finding access is much easier with one resident stated “It’s the first time in 3 years that I have been able to use the main entrance doors on her own without assistance, from either carers or staff.

Automatics at Walsall College - Product:- Salto Access Control & Automatic Door Gear The £64 million Wisemore Campus at Walsall College opened in 2012 and was the first part in regeneration programme which also brought a Tesco superstore and an Innovation Centre to the town centre. With over 3500 students and 4000 adults using the facilities it was important to have the benefits of an access control system and automatic doors for free unrestricted access and movement around the building whilst maintaining a high level of security. Fitted to the main entrance doors were Automatic Sliding Door Operators with Push Button operators and sensor control for access and egress and Swing Door Operators for the physically challenged students on the internal doors. Salto Access Control lever handles and lock cases were fitted throughout the building with facilities to hardware them for ease of programming. The sports facilities include a large gym, cardio equipment and an aerobics studio for students to use. The exceptional working environment and design of a training kitchen including a bakery facility, production kitchen with ethnic cooking equipment, restaurant with bar, refectory, shop, staff tea points, hairdressing laundry, crèche catering facilities and all ancillary support areas, makes the building ideal for today’s challenges. As with all our projects the necessity for compliance with the Disability and Discrimination Act 2004 was paramount and the Campus is one of the first buildings in the UK to achieve a BREEAM (the Environmental Assessment Method for Buildings around the World) kite mark.

Olympic Shopping Centre - Product: AEM10001Electro Magnets The Olympic Shopping Centre costing almost £1.5bn is the flagship shopping centre of the 2012 London Olympic Games, situated next to the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London and housing more than 300 shops, 70 restaurants, a 14-screen cinema, three hotels, a bowling alley and the UK's largest casino. With a total retail floor area of 175,000 m², it is one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe. It is the 3rd largest shopping centre in the United Kingdom by retail space behind the Trafford Centre, Manchester and Metro Centre, Gateshead. Taking the surrounding shopping area into account, it is the largest urban shopping centre in the European Union in terms of size, whilst the Metro Centre remains the largest indoor shopping centre in the EU. It has London's first John Lewis department store east of Oxford Street, a huge flagship branch of Marks & Spencer and a major Waitrose supermarket, with almost 300 other retail units and a multiplex cinema plus a 267 room Premier Inn hotel. As one of the most environmentally efficient retail centres in the UK, Westfield Stratford City connects Stratford Regional Station and Stratford International Station. It has been designed to achieve excellence in sustainability under the most stringent guidelines imposed on its construction which means they rely completely on the choice of products used. The Australian property group Westfield, were looking for a cost effective and reliable electric locking solution to be used with their access control system on the service doors within the complex. As a result of the stringent procurement process Tate Colson which is a division of Securefast Plc was selected to supply the Deedlock Electro Magnetic Lock, which has a holding force of 1200 lbs. The Deedlock Magnetic Locks are simple to install and offer a fit and forget solution that provides the Shopping Centre with the level of security required.

The Icehouse Hotel, the Quay, Ballina, Co. Mayo - Product: SSL950 Hotel Locks & SSL960 Energy Saving Switch This Luxury 4 Star hotel located at the Quay, Ballina is a truly iconic building commanding a prime stretch of the tidal River Moy Estuary. With 32 ultra luxury bedrooms & suites the hotel need the facility of flexibility and security for it's guests and therefore the Colson Hotel locking system was chosen. Giving staff the facilities of changing guests details quickly and easily on arrival and departure. Each bedroom was fitted with the Hotel Mortice Lock and Reader, with an energy saver in each room.

Central Criminal Courts, Dublin - Product: AEM10010 Electro Magnets with bespoke brackets. The new Criminal Courts complex built adjacent to the Phoenix Park at a cost of 120m euros and covering 25.000 sq feet, is one of Dublin’s most impressive buildings, which will be used by many criminals over the coming years. The circular shaped building was designed by Dublin architects Henry J Lyons and took over 30 months to build and is a landmark that gives the impression of a Roman auditorium. The complex includes 22 state-of-the-art courtrooms and will be the new home to the Court of Criminal Appeal, Special Criminal Court, Central Criminal Court and the District Courts. The layout of the eleven story building has been designed where suspects, victims, judges, lawyers, jurors, members of the public and the media will not meet until they enter a courtroom, which is believed to be the first of it’s kind in the world setting the trend for other courthouses. Facilities include video-conferencing, digital recording, and electronic display of evidence. To ensure the highest security levels are achieved in such a building and to provide separation, privacy, security and protection of different court users such as witnesses, jurors, and the judiciary, Colson provided bespoke brackets and electro-magnets to function with the security system employed to ensure that movement around the building is fully controlled.

Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe - Product: AG4000SE Architectural Geze Door Closer Size 1-6 with backcheck. Stonyhurst Hall was built in 1592 by Sir Richard Shireburn and was occupied as the family seat until 1794 when an ancestor gave the Hall and Estate to the Society of Jesus as a new home for their College. Stonyhurst College is a magnificent 16th century manor house and is still home to the Catholic co-educational independent boarding and day school for 13 to 18 years. This historic building houses dormitories, library, chapels, school rooms and historical apartments is a very impressive historic listed building set in a beautiful rural estate, since 1794 and is one of the largest buildings in the North West area. With this type of building it is essential that doors are controlled correctly due to the high volume of traffic which is why Colson supplied the Geze AG4000SE Door Closer with backcheck.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Tollgate House, Leamington Spa - Product: AEM10001 Single & AEM10003 Double Electro-Magnets with AEB2 Exit Buttons, AED1383N PSU and Resettable Call Points. Fifty Slim Line Electro-Magnets were supplied to secure single and double doors at the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association offices, in Leamington Spa. Many of the doors were inward opening and therefore the AEMBR089F Z & L Brackets were used to support the electro-magnets. To open the doors from the inside fifty AEB2 Flush Exit Buttons were supplied and all supported by AED1383N 12v dc 3A Power Supply Units.

Warwickshire College - Product AEM10001 & AEM10003 Electro Magnet with Paxton Net2 System and accessories. Warwickshire College is one of the largest and most prestigious colleges in England, with six campuses bringing together over 600 International students from all over the world. The new £33m St Modwens College development at Rugby will be used to train technicians for the next generation of power stations. The college was looking to install an Access Control system, as security is very important to them and the students. Paxton Net2 Classic System was chosen to provide an ideal and secure solution to permit authorised access to departments and offices within the building. The Net2 is an advanced PC based system that can generate access reports. The easy to use software allows users to easily add to the system and each control unit was linked to an APX373-110 Proximity Reader. To secure the doors fifty-six Deedlock Slimline single and double Electro Magnets were used with power supply units, call points, exit buttons and Net2 control units

Croydon College - Product: AMH590/ZA Architectural Z & L Bracket with Slimline AEM10001 Electro Magnets. Croydon College is a further education college, located in East Croydon area of London it is made up of three separate colleges, the Croydon Sixth Form College (6F), Croydon Skills & Enterprise College and Croydon Higher Education College. To increase their security the college chose to use the Securefast Deedlock Electro Magnetic Locks on a number of doors. The college specified the Architectural Transom Deedlock Magnet which is one of the most aesthetically pleasing Transom Magnets which is regularly used in the UK.

The Shires Shopping Centre, Leicester - Product: AEM10001 & AEM10003 Electro Magnets. The Shires Shopping Centre, with its spacious walkways and grand staircases, is an elegant new showpiece attraction in Leicester hosting many well known stores, together with smaller speciality shops and places to eat. With over 70 shops, restaurants and cafes the centre has been built to a high specification to cater for everyone, providing adequate facilities for people with disabilities. To enable a high level of security many of the doors have been fitted with Colson Single and Double Electro-Magnets with Z & L Brackets to ensure that areas closed off from the public remain secure.

Deutchse Bank, London - Product: AEM10001 Electro Magnets with AEMBR089 Z & L Bracket The Deutsche Bank AG is a global financial service company with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, have refurbished the Bishopsgate based branch at Winchester House, which is the investment bank's divisional headquarters based in London. The Deedlock Electro-Magnets were chosen to integrate within the access control system to enhance the security of the bank.

Wolverhampton Park Hall Hotel - Product: SSL950 Hotel Locking System The Ramada Park Hall Hotel near Wolverhampton was transformed into an exceptionally stylish and contemporary hotel, yet retaining the relaxed comfort of a country house haven. Installed at the hotel was the Securefast Hotel Locking system because of the flexibility of being able to programme and delete room cards easily using the latest technology and to compliment the state of the art facilities with exquisite contemporary interiors, all inside a gorgeous Grade II listed building.

Abbey Lodge Hotel, Shipley - Product: SSL950 Hotel Locking The recently refurbished Abbey Lodge Hotel in Shipley, West Yorkshire wanted a cost effective Hotel System, and therefore it was decided to use the Securefast Hotel Locking system for each of its guest rooms, giving flexibility in entering and deleting cards easily.

St Giles Nursing Home, Birmingham - Product AEM10001 Electro Magnets, Elmdene PSU and AKR300 Deedlock Key Pads St Giles Nursing Home, owned by Restful Homes, has forty-four en-suite bedrooms for a variety of nursing care purposes. The modern purpose built building is situated in Garretts Green on the Solihull-Birmingham border and needed staff to have both flexibility and security and therefore opted to use Deedlock Electro-Magnets and Key Pads supported by Elmdene Power Supply Units.